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Well, it's Sasuke...what can I say? I like him still even though he's emo and angsty and misguided and possibly evil. He just needs a friend. Or a hug. Or some Prozac. Whichever. And originally I picked him to cosplay because I sort of had his hairstyle, but now I just use a wig. And it's fun pretending to be angsty. I've recently been getting a lot of e-mails asking questions about the costume or for tips, so I decided to make this page based (heavily) off of Ami Yuy's Sakura detail page.

Cost: I would estimate about $200 by this time, but that is with updates and changes to what it was the first time I wore it (AX 05) at which point it probably only cost $100.
Construction time: Between myself and my friend who helped make it, between 20-30 hours.
Status: Complete
Worn to: Anime Expo 2005, Pacific Media Expo 2005, Anime Gamers/COSMODE shoot on Oct. 29 2005, Anime Los Angeles 2006

Reference images: 

anime - I mostly used these images while making the costume


cosplay - result!

*note: in the 2nd row of pictures, the bandages and kunai holder (my proto-type version made of felt, which I no longer use) are on the wrong leg.


Pattern: I don't remember the actual specific pattern used, but it was just a very simple, generic shirt pattern that we cut out extra material at the top to add the collar into.

The outside blue fabric is Egyptian cotton and the inside is white muslin, double-sided. Inside the collar is a long piece of needlepoint plastic, handsewn to the inside to make it stay up. I did not do this part, my friend did, so I can't provide much more details on how the collar was actually attached.

The Uchiha symbol on the back is made of red and white felt, sewn with the machine.


Pattern: Again I don't have the actual pattern, but it was also just a generic pattern for shorts that we made just a little bit longer to be knee-length. The pattern also has big pockets (needed for that standard I'm-Sasuke-with-my-hands-in-my-pockets pose).

The fabric of the shorts is double-layered muslin with an elastic waistband. The bandages are more white muslin and a strip of the Egyptian cotton sewn together and then sewn to the leg of the shorts so they don't actually come off. It was the easiest way to make the leg bandages because due to the wideness of the shorts it would have looked ridiculous to wrap something around them and have them bunch up oddly.


No pattern--we made this one up. The fabric is the same Egyptian cotton and muslin, with elastic sewn inside the blue ends to keep it up on my arms. The muslin part is longer than my forearms so that it bunches up the way that Sasuke's does. The buckles were added much later, and were taken off a pair of knit gloves from Hot Topic and tacky glued/sewn with invisible threat to the blue fabric.

Leg wrappings: 

These are the most annoying parts of the costume. The actual bandages are just athletic tape from any drugstore, which is slightly sticky and therefore doesn't actually require being held up by the blue wraps. The higher blue wraps around the calf are the same Egyptian cotton, circular with elastic inside and those simply go around my leg. The lower ones are straight strips of the same fabric without elastic, which I safety-pin around my ankle and then flip inside out so the pin doesn't show. This is because my ankle is smaller than the heel of my foot and therefore a circle of elastic couldn't be made big enough to go over my heel and still stay up on my ankle. It's very guerilla but looks fine in photos.


Base sandals: Bought for $5 at Payless, the style is "Sheriff" from Montego Bay Club

These took a lot of tweaking, fixing, and redoing. As they are now, they are blue felt covers over the sandals, hand-sewn and superglued down. The top cuff is a roll of blue felt sewn together and actually detachable on mine, kept to the bottom with safety pins (this actually comes in handy for the winter/movie version Sasuke, where he has the same cuffs on his boots so I can interchange them). The shoes were one of the hardest parts of the costume to really get right.


This is what I get the most questions on, but was actually very easy to do, once I got past being scared of accidentally ruining it.

The wig itself is a black "Unisex Pageboy Wig" that you can get for less than $20 at probably any Halloween store or online. It was straightened using Katie Bair's wig straightening tutorial, and cut and styled by myself and Ami Yuy. We used regular hairspray, a wig head, a wig stand, and a doorframe in order to make the hair hang down in the direction it needed to stay in. We styled it with a scrap of fabric tied around it where the forehead protector would be in order to keep the "anti-gravity" part of the hair seperate from the hair that stays loose around the neck.


Forehead protector: Purchased on E-bay.

Back tan pouch: Purchased at a local store, but probably avaliable on E-bay. I wear it safety-pinned to the elastic waistband of the shorts. The white button was hand-sewn on for accuracy, because the pouch didn't come with it.

Blue kunai pouch: Purchased as part of a 4-prop set from a store in Little Tokyo, LA. It's difficult to tell whether Sasuke's kunai holder is black or blue, but since this one is dark navy it works well for both colors. The rest of the props in the set are very cheap and not really worth having. I wear this safety-pinned to the sewn-on bandages on the shorts.

Kunai: Purchased on E-bay. I have two, they're both plastic.

Shuriken: Purchase at PMX 05. Not sure if I actually have any pictures with it, but it's metal, and heavy.