What is K.Y.O.?

K.Y.O. could stand for many things, but here are what it specifically does and and doesn't mean to us.

1) I
Kyo -
This was the origination of our group name.  In late summer of 2005, Hot Topic started carrying shirts that read "I
Kyo" on the upper left side with an image of Kyo Souma from Fruits Basket on the bottom right.  The girls of the group (basically all of us except for That Kid) immediately wanted one and therefore got them.

2) Kappa Y Omega -
The next evolution of
"I Kyo."  We were just messing around one day and joking that we were a sorority and trying out the Greek alphabet with the letters and ended up with Kappa, nothing for Y, and Omega.  It stuck and we've even made door signs for our dorm rooms and banners for our online journals.

1) Kyo from Dir En Grey -
None of us listen to J-Rock so we really don't even know anything about the band or person.

2) Samurai Deeper Kyo or any other anime that includes "Kyo" either in the title or characters -
Our group has nothing to do with any anime other than Kyo Souma from Fruits Basket.